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Introducing Placer Bookkeeping Solutions- Streamlined Bookkeeping for Small Businesses


Experience the peace of mind that comes with efficient and reliable bookkeeping. Contact me today to schedule a Discovery Call, and let me show you how I can streamline your financial processes and support your business's success. 

Monthly Services

Record Financial Transactions

Record all financial transactions of your business, including sales, purchases, and receipts.

Classifying and Categorizing

Assigning appropriate categories to transactions to ensure accurate and organized financial records.

Accounts Payable

Managing and tracking business expenses, simplifying payments and ensuring timely vendor payments

Bank Reconciliations

Comparing bank statements to accounting records to ensure accuracy and identify discrepancies or errors.

Financial Reporting

Preparing financial statements such as profit and loss statements and balance sheets, and analyzing financial data for trends.

Other Services

Quickbooks Setup

I will make sure your business is set-up in quickbooks correctly so you can start off on the right track.

Books Clean-Up

If you need to catch up on your bookkeeping, I will make sure that you are all caught up and ready to go.

Hi! I'm Steven Monschau, a results-driven professional with a unique blend of experience in operations management and accounting tasks. 

In my role as an operations manager, I successfully led teams, optimized processes, and streamlined workflows to drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Alongside these responsibilities, I actively engaged in accounting tasks such as managing accounts receivable and payable, reconciling financial statements, and analyzing financial data for budgeting and forecasting purposes. 

My hands-on experience with accounting tasks, combined with my operational expertise, gives me a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects that drive organizational success. I am a Quickbooks ProAdvisor and I help maintain accurate records and generate insightful reports. 

I am excited to contribute my combined expertise in operations management and accounting to support your organization's financial management needs. While overseeing bookkeeping processes and optimizing workflows, I am ready to make a positive impact. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to discussing how my skills and experience can benefit your organization. 

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